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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing california notice of death

Instructions and Help about california notice of death

So let me show you step-by-step how to fill out the California real estate notice to perform this is car form MBP revised version 4 10 this will be noticed performed number one and first you want to attach it to the right agreement which in this case the California residents or purchase agreement and date it so we have our date January first that is the same date that is on our California residential purchase agreement next I've already put in our property address by your information seller information and then we're going to move on to whatever it is that we want them to perform on if it's removing contingencies maybe all the contingencies just simply check your boxes but it's a contractual obligation you'll do the same thing just simply check the boxes we want to be aware of what the actual contingency periods are for each of these depending on what it is if you're given them two days or which they have two days to perform / this agreement you want to send it two days prior to what the contract set so if the 17-day contingency period you want this to be sent on day 15 so that they perform on day 17 do you sign it excuse me your sellers and sign it and then you end up sending it over make sure you get the confirmation of receipt by the buyer and this will basically get them to jump start progressing forward through the transaction pretty simple straightforward not too much to this but this this will help you out thank you very much for reviewing this video my name is Roy works with exclusive real estate service if you have any questions feel free to give me a call direct at eight five eight nine two two two eight one two or scoop me an email to our first three I I've always got additional information on a website at Rory Fergus calm you can search for foreclosures there you can get questions answered see some of my past work and projects done a little bit of everything for you and if you have any referrals you have somebody you might need help with buying a house selling house please feel free to pass my information along I'll be happy to help them out thank you for viewing my video just remember you were viewing this video for personal reference only and it's really just here for very basic reference each transaction is different in your professionally licensed representative should review guide and instruct you appropriately regarding your specific transaction use of any or all of the information contained herein is done so at your own complete and sole risk and discretion for further assistance please call me at eight five eight nine two two two eight one two or four any inquiries you can also email at ER es questions thank you very much and have a.