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Ca franchise tax board death notification Form: What You Should Know

NOTE: The notice of administration is required if you're receiving a TIA in December after the last filing.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ca franchise tax board death notification

Instructions and Help about Ca franchise tax board death notification

Music in Canada when you die for tax purposes you're deemed have disposed of all of your property so for non registered assets you could trigger a capital gain or capital loss for example with a stock portfolio mutual funds segregated funds and even real estate in addition to that the fair market value of your RSP s and your riffs at death are also brought in to income there are a couple exceptions for example the principal residence exemption or if you rollover assets to a spouse but otherwise taxes at death can generate a huge liability for your state and your beneficiaries in addition to taxes there's also something called probate fees in most provinces probate is the process with a deceased legal representative also known as the executor or liquidator in Quebec submits the will and an inventory of assets to the court and by doing that the court confirms that this is in fact the last will and testament of the deceased and also confirms the authority of the executor now the court doesn't do this for free in return for the courts validation of the will and the authority of the executor --zz they charge a fee in Ontario British Columbia and Nova Scotia that fee is approximately one and a half percent so for every one hundred thousand dollars that flows through your state your estate will pay probate fees of fifteen hundred dollars you can imagine four significant estates that the cost of public fees can rise quickly it's also important to point out that if you die without a will and you're deemed to have died intestate you're still subject to the probate process the probate process can be a lengthy one for family members in need of funds these delays can...

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FAQ - Ca franchise tax board death notification

How can you speak with an actual representative at the Franchise Tax Board of California (CA FTB)?
Here is how to contact an actual operator at CA Franchise Tax Board:1) If you simply need to ask someone questions about your business, dial this number: 1.800.852.5711.u00a0 After the voice gets past asking you if you would like the spanish version, select option 2, then option 4.u00a0 This will get you to a person.2) If you need to talk to the business entity line that handles tax payments, collections, and other business entity questions, dial this number: 1.888.635.0494.u00a0 Select option 1 in the first queue, then option 4 in the second queue, then option 2 in the last queue.u00a0 This will get you to a person.In all candor, these options will probably not seem intuitive in terms of getting you to speak w/ another human being, but they will work.u00a0 And they will save you the hours that I spent hunting someone down over there!
CA Reply to Franchise Tax Board Form re Tax Yr 2022. What income is stated in question 2 of section G?u00a0 CA income only?u00a0 Or out of state income?
The question asks for your gross income from all sources. If you had been a California resident in 2022. you would have filled out Schedule CA, and the amount that appears on line 22 in Column C is the amount that California considers to be your gross income, your total Federal income adjusted for differences between California law and Federal law. That number - the one you compute by filling out Part I of Schedule CA as though you had been a resident of California - is what you put on the Request for Tax Return. That includes all of the income you earned outside of California as well as any that you earned inside of California.u00a0If you want to simplify the process you can just put the amount from line 22 of your 1040 on the form, reduced by any taxable state tax refund on line 10 that you received from California in 2022. any unemployment compensation on line 19, and any taxable social security benefits on line 20(b). Those are the most common adjustments to California income. If you had a small business or earned capital gains, you might have to do a little more detailed computation, and at that point you're probably best served by consulting a professional.
How do you get the Franchise Tax Board to enforce the law when they refuse to act after you have given them all the evidence they need about tax evaders who took millions out of State TAX FREE?
You don't, because you don't know whether or not the FTB is in the process of taking action.Once you have provided your information to the FTB, the Board is prohibited by law from sharing information with you on the status of its investigation, whether action is taken or not. It may very well take years for the FTB to complete its investigation.Realize that information that appears to be cut-and-dried to you may not rise to the standard of a legal prosecution for tax evasion or fraud, which requires proof not only that taxes were legally due, but of intent to evade payment of taxes legally due.
Does the CA Franchise Tax Board's exemption for first year corporations on the Annual Min Tax apply to foreign corps converting to a CA Corp?
The answer to this question turns on whether the corporation has done any business in California while it is a foreign corporation. Foreign corporations doing business in California are subject to the minimum franchise tax, and California does not make the exemption available to corporations that reorganize as California corporations where the intent is to avoid the minimum tax. If the corporation has not done business in California as a foreign corporation and converts before doing any business in California, then I believe the exemption would apply.
I have a Delaware C Corp operating in CA, but we'll operate in Texas going forward. How do I let California Franchise Tax Board know that so we won't be subject to the $800 annual franchise tax in California?
Assuming that the corporation, as is required, filed a Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation, it should file a Certificate of Surrender (http://www.sos.ca.gov/business/c...) with the Secretary of State. [If a Statement and Designation was never filed, then you have a problem - please see the FTB document referenced below.]As explained in FTB Publication 1038 (https://www.ftb.ca.gov/forms/mis...), the corporation also needs to file a final return.
Why don't schools teach children about taxes and bills and things that they will definitely need to know as adults to get by in life?
Departments of education and school districts always have to make decisions about what to include in their curriculum.u00a0 There are a lot of life skills that people need that aren't taught in school.u00a0 The question is should those skills be taught in schools?I teach high school, so I'll talk about that.u00a0 The typical high school curriculum is supposed to give students a broad-based education that prepares them to be citizens in a democracy and to be able to think critically.u00a0 For a democracy to work, we need educated, discerning citizens with the ability to make good decisions based on evidence and objective thought.u00a0 In theory, people who are well informed about history, culture, science, mathematics, etc., and are capable of critical, unbiased thinking, will have the tools to participate in a democracy and make good decisions for themselves and for society at large.u00a0 In addition to that, they should be learning how to be learners, how to do effective, basic research, and collaborate with other people.u00a0 If that happens, figuring out how to do procedural tasks in real life should not prmuch of a challenge.u00a0 We can't possibly teach every necessary life skill people need, but we can help students become better at knowing how to acquire the skills they need.u00a0 Should we teach them how to change a tire when they can easily consult a book or search the internet to find step by step instructions for that?u00a0 Should we teach them how to balance a check book or teach them how to think mathematically and make sense of problems so that the simple task of balancing a check book (which requires simple arithmetic and the ability to enter numbers and words in columns and rows in obvious ways) is easy for them to figure out.u00a0 If we teach them to be good at critical thinking and have some problem solving skills they will be able to apply those overarching skills to all sorts of every day tasks that shouldn't be difficult for someone with decent cognitive abilityu00a0 to figure out.u00a0 It's analogous to asking why a culinary school didn't teach its students the steps and ingredients to a specific recipe.u00a0 The school taught them about more general food preparation and food science skills so that they can figure out how to make a lot of specific recipes without much trouble.u00a0 They're also able to create their own recipes.So, do we want citizens with very specific skill sets that they need to get through day to day life or do we want citizens with critical thinking, problem solving, and other overarching cognitive skills that will allow them to easily acquire ANY simple, procedural skill they may come to need at any point in their lives?
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