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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing notice to franchise tax board of death

Instructions and Help about notice to franchise tax board of death

Hi I'm or Stephens altar of government and I'd to my website of course is Mark Stephens dot net where we're working to bring about a voluntary Society one visitor at a time and one show at a time the no stay project is live every Saturday for 4:00 to 7:00 Eastern same time on the Liberty radio network as lrn FM and like anything else on this website or on the radio show if you disagree with something that I have presented you are more than welcome to join me during a live broadcast and present your evidence and show where the issues presented the facts were wrong and I just want to do it this is a call a sham I mentioned on this broadcast here for May 28th 2021 it's call a shame from Ken so it's going to go right here under the call of shames and this is the this is this is what prompted us to call Greg and I had called this Royce Larson and that's going to be the subject of the call of shame which is immediately after this this short video and just run into it we had asked rod we had asked Royce there at the Franchise Tax Board to previdence to support the argument that just because Greg was physically in California the Constitution laws applied so what he did was he sent a standard form letter you can see that this is a standard form letter okay so I'm not saying that Roger Larson or Royce Larson wrote this he didn't but he thought it was appropriate and I just want to show and so this is instrumental and you know really help understand understand really just how off-base ROI is during the phone call so I want to point out when you're asking for evidence to prove your constitution which is just a written instrument written by men and women ordinary men and women without magical powers if you're asked for evidence to prove that that applies to someone just because they're physically in California just citing it is in proof but what's interesting here is even though it's completely non-responsive he is saying that the basis of their authority and their laws is the Constitution and this is important if you're interested in logic so it's supposed to be that the Constitution is the law of the land and the laws have to be constitutional that that the authority for the laws is the Constitution and it's saying right here the California Constitution grants the California legislative legislators legislative authority California Constitution article 4 section 1 this includes the power to tax blah blah yeah if it applies so what what Royce tries to do is turn this logic on its head trying to prsome kind of evidence to prove that the Constitution a written instrument applies to Greg just because he's physically in California it doesn't work there is no evidence.